At AutoFresh Car Valeting, we are your local experts for looking after your vehicle. We are a family based business who have lived in Deal for many years, and know many local residents well. Unlike larger companies including some national chains of car valeters, we take personal pride in each vehicle we clean.

Our prices are extremely reasonable, as they're not inflated with national advertising or wasteful marketing and admin costs. To keep our prices low, we don't travel more than 20 miles except by special arrangement or for bigger jobs. This enables us to keep are car cleaning and washing services low.

We provide a full range of car vaeting services, including wash, pre-wash, shampoo, rinse, dry, wax and polish. We recommend that your vehicle is waxed and polished every so often to help maintain the look. Waxing with a quality car wax provides an extra protective layer on your paintwork which stops dirt easily sticking to your vehicle, and is a protective layer against damaging contaminants such as pigeon and seagull poop!

So, if you live in Deal, or nearby, give AutoFresh Car Valeting a call about how we can help with keeping your vehicle looking clean and fresh. Got alloy wheels? We can bring them back to new looking with our range of alloy wheel cleaners. Grubby chromework, lights, or tyres? We have specialist products to clean all areas of your car with care.

Why should you use AutoFresh car valeting if you live in Deal, Kent? There are various other car wash companies in service stations and car parks around Kent, but they cannot provide an equivalent service, and are often forced to rush the job of cleaning your car which isn't ideal for your vehicle. At AutoFresh, we come to you at a time convenient to you, either at your home or business, or somewhere else convenient. Car valeting in Deal or anywhere in Kent shouldn't be rushed. AutoFresh's car washing service takes care of your vehicle. We use an extensive range of cleaning products to get the best cleaning result for your car, leaving it clean and sparkling. We do not use a bucket and sponge with dish washing liquid, like you've probably seen before! Instead, we have a range of specially formulated car shampoos which are designed to lift off car contaminants. We have other products for all sorts of grease and dirt, including for bird droppings, which as you'd expect are a bit of a problem in East Kent, being so close to the sea! We also hand dry your vehicle after cleaning, weather permitting, as this helps to avoid leaving streaks on your bodywork.

So, contact us about a regular car condition service on 07729 495932 or using our message form.