How long does a car wash/valet take?
It all depends on exactly what we are requested to do. A quick regular wash can be done within 30 minutes. A full interior and exterior valet and wax/polish can take a few hours, depending on the size of vehicle and extent of the work.
Where do I need to take my car to?
No need to take it anywhere. AutoFresh is mobile - we come to your home or business or a place of your choosing. As long as there is enough space to move around your vehicle safely - a driveway is typically fine.
Do you offer a regular cleaning/maintenance service?
Yes we do - we can offer regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning. Regular customers get a discount, so please ask for further details.
Can you clean when it's raining?
We can, but certain services such as drying/waxing, polishing will obviously not be available.
Do I need to provide water and electricity?
It all depends on what type of service we provide. We often use pressure washing for speed and efficiency particularly when the vehicle is very dirty. We can bring our own water if it is difficult for us to connect to your supply, such as located in an upper floor apartment or other reason. Most of our services can be provided without connecting to your water or electricity - please confirm when booking so we can ensure we have enough water etc with us.
How do you differ from other car washing services?
We use professional tools and materials to ensure that we get the best results for your vehicle. The days of a sponge and bucket with dirty water and dishwashing liquid are long gone. We have a multi-step process which gently lifts dirt particles from your paintwork without causing further scratching, which conventional methods do. We also take personal care and attention in your vehicle to ensure that you are pleased with the result.
Are you insured?
We are fully insured for Public Liability.
Why use a professional Car Valeter?
There are many reasons to use a professional valeter, for many people it is simply for ease and convenience, but there are also more fundamental reasons: Safeguarding Your Investment - A vehicle that is in good condition cosmetically, can be worth many hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds more than one in poor condition. Protecting Your Vehicle - Regular washing is essential if you want to protect your car from the detrimental effects of UV, water, slush, tree sap, bird lime, pollution and general dirt and grime. This becomes even more important during winter when salt is added to the equation. By keeping your car clean, contaminants are less able to adhere to its surface and therefore less likely to have harmful long-term effects. Technique and Chemicals - As professional valeters, we know how to treat the bodywork of your vehicle without harming its finish. We know which chemicals and products can be used safely and effectively to remove dirt and grime, as well as having the right equipment for the job.
What is the benefit of valeting?
Aside from making your car look good, one of the primary benefits of having your car professionally valeted on a regular basis is that it significantly increases its re-sale value. A car that has been well looked after will fetch a greater sale price than one that has been clearly neglected. Put another way, it's quite likely that you will be able to recoup your valeting costs at the time of sale!
How often should I have my car polished?
Most car manufacturers recommend that your car is polished every 10 weeks, this is dependent on many factors, including how often the vehicle is used, weather conditions, atmospheric pollutants etc and you may wish to have yours done more or less often than this. Keeping your vehicle waxed and polished helps to protect the paintwork long-term.
Why should I bother have my vehicle waxed?
Waxing is a way to protect against the long-term deterioration of paintwork, it makes your car easier to clean and prevents scratches – the kind of damage that reduces your car’s value. Wax will add a layer of protection for your car protecting the clearcoat and paint. A car without regular waxing will loose the 'new’' look, the paint can slowly fade, potentially lowering the value of your car.
Why shouldn't I just use an automatic car wash?
Even the most effective and advanced automatic car wash can damage your car. They use detergents and chemicals which are harmful to the paintwork. It is likely they will accelerate the paintwork's ageing process and contribute to fading and oxidation. These overly strong chemicals are used to compensate for the inefficiency of the giant rollers. In addition to this, the rollers create thousands of tiny scratches in swirling patterns on your bodywork. The consequences of regular visits to an automatic car wash will certainly be realised when it comes to selling your car.
What are swirl marks, cob webbing and holograms?
On your car paintwork you may see in bright sunlight, particularly visible on the bonnet, roof and boot lid, very thin scratches. In fluorescent lights these can look like cobwebs. These types of scratches give the impressions of a lack lustre finish to your car paintwork and are usually caused by car wash machines or poor hand washing technique although to be truthful, some swirl marks are inevitable over time. Machine Polishing with the correct techniques and materials can rectify this situation returning your car to near flawless glossy finish. Some supermarket 'wash while you shop' services may not rinse the car first, before washing and simply carry the dirt already on your car around on the sponge causing scratches and then use the same sponge for the next car with the inevitable results. It cannot be over emphasised how important it is to choose someone to machine polish your car with the right level of experience and knowledge. The finish on all cars varies in depth and type. You would be surprised how many cars we come across with 'burn' marks through using the wrong technique.